Our Campaigns

Destination: Zero Carbon

Goal: Make all new cars electric by 2035. Make all buses electric by 2030. 到2030年,步行、骑自行车或乘坐公共交通的人数翻一番.

Transportation is now America’s number one source of global warming pollution, with greenhouse emissions from cars, trucks, 公共汽车和其他车辆超过了所有其他来源. 如果不改变美国人的出行方式,正规靠谱的彩票app根本无法解决全球变暖问题.

  • <h4>TO GET TO ZERO CARBON: ELECTRIFY CARS</h4><h5>We’re calling for all new cars to be electric by 2035.</h5>
  • <h4>TO GET TO ZERO CARBON: ELECTRIFY BUSES</h4><h5>We’re calling for all school and public transit buses to be electric by 2030.</h5><em>Erica Kawamoto Hsu</em>
  • <h4>TO GET TO ZERO CARBON: DRIVE LESS, LIVE MORE</h4><h5>Our goal is to 到2030年,步行、骑自行车或乘坐公共交通的人数翻一番.</h5><em>Jennifer Newman</em>

The challenge is critical. 正规靠谱的彩票app的交通系统不仅是美国最大的碳污染源, but also one of the biggest sources in the world. Our country’s cars, trucks, 除了中国和印度,火车和其他车辆排放的二氧化碳比任何一个国家的经济总量都要多.

随着可再生能源发电的迅速发展, 减少交通系统的污染是正规靠谱的彩票app履行《正规靠谱的彩票app》承诺必须克服的下一个主要障碍.

We can do it. 正规靠谱的彩票app不仅可以减少而且实际上可以消除交通污染. We have the technology and policy know-how.

For decades, 正规靠谱的彩票app支持促进高效电动汽车的政策, and we’re seeing results. Today, affordable, efficient, 远程电动汽车正以创纪录的数量上路, and better vehicles are coming online all the time.

However, 实现正规靠谱的彩票app在《正规靠谱的彩票app》下的承诺,并在本世纪中叶实现零碳运输, we need to do more. 正规靠谱的彩票app需要从头做起,在全州多个社区改变具体的政策,让零碳交通成为最便捷的交通方式, most affordable, and most enjoyable option for every trip.

Destination: Zero Carbon

这就是为什么正规靠谱的彩票app推出了《正规的彩票app合集》, our campaign to electrify cars, electrify buses, and reduce the need to drive by making it easier, cheaper and more enjoyable to travel on foot, bike or public transit.

尽管在联邦层面存在分歧和功能障碍, 正规靠谱的彩票app有无数的机会在当地改造正规靠谱的彩票app的交通系统, state and regional levels.

Thanks in part to the work we’ve done, California and nine other states占美国所有汽车的近四分之一.S.美国现在要求越来越多的新车是电动的. California, along with cities including New York City, 芝加哥和西雅图已经承诺从污染严重的柴油燃料转向清洁的电力 buses. 正规靠谱的彩票app带头努力改善公共交通,为步行和骑自行车建设更安全的街道, and our network has led similar efforts in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin.


Electrify cars

汽车占交通污染的60%. 零碳运输系统意味着道路上的每一辆汽车都需要清洁运行, renewable energy by 2050. We’re calling for all new cars sold after 2035 to be electric.

Electrify buses

Nationwide, some 450,000 dirty diesel school buses are still in service today, 增加正规靠谱的彩票app的碳排放,同时让数千万儿童面临 cancer and respiratory diseases. California has committed to electrifying our buses. We need more states to join us. We’re calling for all school and public transit buses to be electric by 2030. 

Photo: San Joaquin RTD, CC-BY-SA
Drive less, live more

If we make it easier, more affordable, and more pleasant to take a train or bus, to share rides, or to bike or walk, 然后正规靠谱的彩票app中更多的人会选择没有车旅行,甚至根本没有车. Our goal is to 到2030年,步行、骑自行车或乘坐公共交通的人数翻一番.


More people are buying electric cars. Car companies are investing in them and making more models. 交通机构发现电动公交车和火车实际上 save them money over time. Cities and towns are creating places that are easier to navigate on foot, on a bike, or by public transit. 正规靠谱的彩票app不仅可以减少碳污染,还可以使它更容易和更愉快的四处走动.


公共政策可以缓解和加速这些变化. For example, 正规靠谱的彩票app局和正规靠谱的彩票app国家基于各州的环境倡导者网络已经帮助说服了十几个州采纳加州的清洁汽车标准, 是什么推动了电动汽车技术的进步. 正规靠谱的彩票app国家网络的研究伙伴,美国环境研究 & 政策中心和正规靠谱的彩票app的合作伙伴Frontier Group已经报告了实现这一目标的方法 zero-carbon transportation, build electric vehicle infrastructure, shift from diesel-powered to electric buses, and promote shared mobility and climate-friendly development.

通过在加州和其他州开展活动,正规靠谱的彩票app可以立即取得进展, 正规靠谱的彩票app可以让美国回到正轨,实现《正规靠谱的彩票app》的目标, no matter what happens in Washington, D.C. However, we must do all we can as fast as we can. The longer we wait to cut carbon pollution, the more rapidly the planet will warm, 夺走了正规靠谱的彩票app的子孙们习以为常的稳定气候.



怀疑论者问,正规靠谱的彩票app是否真的准备放弃汽油动力汽车. It’s going to be an adjustment, to be sure. 但是,放弃使用汽油和柴油,意味着正规靠谱的彩票app和正规靠谱的彩票app的孩子可以获得更清洁的空气,也意味着减少因石油生产而不可避免的悲剧性泄漏和其他环境灾难. 向零碳交通的过渡将给正规靠谱的彩票app所有人新的自由,以清洁的方式出行, affordable and fun, with safe places to walk and bike, convenient buses and trains, and electric cars we can own or hail with an app.