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Environment America Litigation Project

For 30 years, 正规靠谱的彩票app的国家诉讼团队已经根据《正规靠谱的彩票app》将污染者直接告上法庭, Clean Air Act and other environmental laws, 在法庭判决的罚款和减少污染行动中赢得超过2.5亿美元. 正规靠谱的彩票app准备将更多的污染者告上法庭,为正规靠谱的彩票app的空气辩护, our water and the people and wildlife that depend on them.
  • <h4>v. EXXONMOBIL</h4><h5>After our sister group Environment Texas filed suit, a federal judge ordered Exxon to pay a $14.25 million fine for committing 16,违反《正规的彩票app合集》386天, Texas, refinery and chemical plant complex.</h5><em>Roy Luck via Flickr, CC-BY-2.0</em>
  • <h4>v. PILGRIM'S PRIDE</h4><h5>The world’s second-largest chicken producer agreed to upgrade its equipment and pay a penalty after our sister group Environment Florida filed suit against the company for polluting Florida’s Suwannee River.</h5><em>Joe Matos</em>
  • <h4>v. ARCELORMITTAL</h4><h5>After the world’s largest steel company showered Pittsburgh-area neighborhoods with soot, acidic gases and noxious odors, 正规靠谱的彩票app的姐妹集团PennEnvironment采取的法律行动导致该公司同意支付1美元.5 million penalty and upgrade pollution controls. </h5><em>Khaetlyn Grindell</em>
  • <h4>v. CASELLA WASTE SYSTEMS</h4><h5>A trash hauler’s landfill contaminated Massachusetts drinking water supplies with a suspected carcinogen and heavy metals. 正规靠谱的彩票app的姐妹组织马萨诸塞州环境组织正在寻求一项禁令,要求该公司控制污染.</h5><em></em>
  • <h4>v. U.S. EPA</h4><h5>We’re party to a lawsuit seeking to force the agency to regulate the intake of cooling water at large power and manufacturing plants, a practice that kills billions of fish and other organisms.</h5><em>USFWS, CC-BY-2.0</em>
From the Great Lakes to Texas refineries

Across the country, 许多公司继续向正规靠谱的彩票app的空气和水中倾倒比法律允许的更多的污染物. 这些污染者将附近的居民暴露在致癌污染物之下, trigger asthma attacks, disrupt the body’s hormone system, and cut lives short. They have harmed wildlife, and degraded their habitat.

And yet in these cases, state and local government officials have done nothing, or too little too late, to stop the pollution and hold the polluters accountable.

幸运的是,该法律给了公民一个直接采取行动制止污染的机会. Under the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and other environmental laws, citizens are empowered to file suit against violators.

Acting on behalf of citizens, 并经常与其他国家和地方环保组织合作, our national litigation team has done just that. Together, 正规靠谱的彩票app已经在法庭判决的罚款和减少污染行动中赢得了超过2.5亿美元, from San Francisco Bay to Boston Harbor, 从五大湖到德克萨斯州最大的化工厂附近.

Florida's Suwannee River, protected by our legal action.
Ebyabe via Wikimedia, CC-BY-2.5
Recent cases


  • Two cases, one against ExxonMobil and one against a subsidiary of Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, for thousands of Clean Air Act violations at their Texas refineries. In April 2017, a federal judge ordered Exxon to pay a $14.25 million fine, 这被认为是环境公民诉讼中最大的一笔民事罚款, for committing 16,违反《正规的彩票app合集》386天, Texas, refinery and chemical plant complex. U.S. 地区法官希特纳(David Hittner)发现,埃克森美孚因拖延实施必要的污染控制措施而获利1400多万美元, and released more than 10 million pounds of illegal air emissions. ExxonMobil has appealed the decision.
  • Against Pilgrim’s Pride美国是世界第二大鸡肉生产商,污染了佛罗里达州的苏万尼河. In November 2017, the company reached an agreement to make equipment upgrades, 调查消除或大幅减少所有排入苏万尼河的污水的可能性, 并支付据信是佛罗里达州历史上《正规靠谱的彩票app》公民执法诉讼中金额最大的罚款.
  • Against ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company, for showering Pittsburgh-area neighborhoods with emissions of soot, acidic gases and noxious odors. In December 2017, the company agreed to pay a $1.500万罚款(另一个州记录)和估计200万美元用于空气污染控制.
  • Against Casella Waste Systems, a trash hauler with operations in 40 states, 垃圾填埋场污染已经用重金属和一种疑似致癌物污染了马萨诸塞州的饮用水供应. 正规靠谱的彩票app的姐妹组织马萨诸塞州环境组织正在寻求一项禁令,要求卡塞拉控制或补救污染, hook up residents’ homes to a clean water supply, 并获得《正规靠谱的彩票app》排放许可,或停止向湿地排放, 以及责令Casella公司为违反《正规的彩票app合集》支付民事罚款的命令.
  • Against the U.S. 为了迫使环保局控制大型发电厂和制造工厂的冷却水摄入量, a practice that kills billions of fish and other organisms. 正规靠谱的彩票app的团队还提交了法庭之友(amicus curae,法庭之友)简报,支持特朗普政府废除的《正规靠谱的彩票app》.
Ready to bring polluters to court

We’re always on the lookout for other cases of illegal pollution. 然而现在,正规靠谱的彩票app担心这些病例的数量可能很快会上升. 自特朗普总统上任以来,环保署征收的罚款 down 60 percent.

在正规靠谱的彩票app成员的支持下,与当地公民和环保联盟合作, we continue to:

  • 继续正规靠谱的彩票app目前的案件,阻止他们违反《正规靠谱的彩票app》, and compel them to clean up and pay for their pollution.

  • 研究全州和全国更多的病例,包括正规靠谱的彩票app的成员向正规靠谱的彩票app报告的病例.

  • Mobilize the legal, 正规靠谱的彩票app需要利用科学和其他技术资源将更多的污染者告上法庭, hold them accountable, clean up our air and water, protect our health, and preserve nature and our wildlife.

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